Wildlife Control

Critter Control of NW Washington is your full-service wildlife animal control company. Our years of experience and humane control methods offer long-term results. Critter Control of NW Washington knows how to remove raccoons, repair woodpecker damages, control skunks, and get rid of squirrels.

Control Services

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Critter Control of NW Washington knows how to humanely get rid of wildlife in your home. Trapping and removing the wildlife animals will begin the control process and allow your technician to repair damages.

Damage Repairs

  • The severity of damages done to your home will depend on what type of wildlife animal you are dealing with.
  • Squirrels and woodpeckers will create completely different levels of damages, and Critter Control of NW Washington can repair them all!


Preventing wildlife from returning is the most important step in wildlife control. Critter Control of NW Washington will implement prevention materials that will keep your home critter-free for seasons! Some of our damage repairs act as prevention methods and your technician may also implement techniques including habitat modifications or exclusion materials.

Have you been hearing thumps or scratching in your attic or ceiling? Smell a stinky stench outside of your home often? Call Critter Control of NW Washington. Our team will get rid of your wildlife control problem quickly and efficiently. 

If you are outside of the NW Washington service area, call 1.800.CRITTER or visit our Office Finder to find a Critter Control office near you.